This is the primary web site for Dr. Doobie, the infamous Tamarack Soapmaker.

Welcome to the site!

Many, many years ago, before Dr. Doobie was even a doob, her ancestors are rumored to have created soap by running water through ashes to create lye, mixing the resulting compound with the rendered fat of unknown slaughtered animal carcases, tossing in a few other goodies, and letting the stuff cool in molds carefully carved out of tree branches.

We would like to say the tradition has been handed down through the ages, but that would be stretching the truth more than a Washington politician. In reality, Dr. Doobie was feeling kinda dirty one day and didn't have any good soap in the house. So, being the resourceful thing that she is, she researched methods of making soap. She mixed her first batch of lye-based soap that afternoon and three weeks later, after the soap cured, she was finally able to take a bath.

Over the years she has added new types of soap to her resume and has lately been experimenting with melt and pour soap. Though it's faster and easier to make, she still prefers the old-fashioned down-and-dirty lye-based stuff.

You can find the good doctor's soaps in all the finer establishments. If you don't frequent that type of place and would like to try some of her offerings, send us a note. We'll let you know how to become one of the new soap bubbles on the Doob's bar of life.